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July 2007 Barker


General meeting minutes June 13, 2007
Sammamish Kennel Club
Minutes of the Board/General Membership Meeting

Present were: Cliff Hewitt, Dee Carlson, Rusty Kingery, Beverly Little, Jan Leikam

President Dee Carlson called the meeting to order at 7:10PM

Minutes of the last Board meeting approved as published.

Treasurer's Report accepted as presented.

It was resolved to adopt electronic notification verbiage as follows:
“Written notice stating place, day hour and purpose of any regular Club or Board meeting shall be delivered either personally, by mail, private carrier, telephone, electronic transmission (including e-mail), wire or wireless equipment that transmits a facsimile of the notice, to each Club member or Board member respectively, in accordance with the notification requirements detailed in the Club's Constitution. Notice sent by electronic transmission must satisfy the requirements set forth in RCW 24.04.009 and as follows.
Notice by electronic transmission is effective when (a) electronically transmitted to an address, location, or system designated by the re-cipient for that purpose, and is made pursuant to the consent provided by the recipient; or (b) has been posted on an electronic network and a separate record of the posting has been delivered to the recipient together with comprehensible instructions regarding how to ob-tain access to the posting on the electronic network. Each Club or Board member hat desires to receive notice via electronic transmission must consent to the receipt of such electronic transmitted notices via electronic transmission by designating in the consent the message format accessible to such person and the address, location or system to which these notices may be electronically transmitted. A Club or Board member who has consented to the receipt of electronically transmitted notices may revoke the consent by delivering a written revocation to the Club.”
This resolution must be renewed annually.

Heated discussion of the CA AB1634 mandatory castration/spay bill ensued. Consensus was that Sammamish Kennel Club is adamantly opposed to this bill. Dee will write a letter representing the views of Sammamish re AN1634 to parties in the Calif. Senate.

Discussion of the pending King County Citizens Advisory Committee advised that all members of this Committee to advise King County government on the proposed „No-Kill shelter concept have been appointed by the County Executive, Ron Simms. Beverly reported that when she called her county representative she was told that only Ron Simms could appoint committee members. No one seems to know who the appointees are at this time.
„Sammamish Kennel Club, Inc. is adamantly opposed to legislated castration and/or spay of companion animals without the consent of the owner. There will be a letter written to AKC to ask why someone from the AKC headquarters hasn't made a personal appearance to speak on behalf of the Dog Fancy at the AB1634 hearings.

Discussion of the „PetData information – in particular, the absence of privacy regulations of the database.

There will be a Schutzhund and „Working Dog Sport presentation by Jessica Wilcock at our July 11 meeting. Meeting to be held at Mary-moor Park, Lot I picnic area. We'll have hotdogs, etc. and will invite the Working Dog Club to join us. Meeting to begin at 7PM.

Benevolent Committee report was approved. Delta Society, $300, JEAW $300, SPDR $300, WSU Scholarship $1500, NW Disaster Search Dogs $250.
Minutes of the April General Meeting were approved as published.

David Kingery was elected to the Club.

Meeting adjourned at 8:30PM

Respectfully submitted,
Jan Leikam, for Verlynn Johns.

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