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SKC August Show

July 2008 Barker


DATES AUGUST 22, 23, 24

Our Summer Show is really a 3 day affair. Did you know that we have 14 Clubs that hold Specialty Shows with us on the Friday and Saturday before our Sunday All-Breed Show? If you did know, can you name them? Did you know that we have 3 Group Clubs that hold their shows or events with us? The All Terrier Group has been with us now for 2 years. This year for their 1st AKC Licensed Show we have the Mt. Rainier Working Club. They held their last A Match with us last year. We’d like to welcome both Clubs ! The 3rd Group Club is the West-ern Washington Hound Assn. And they are the Club that puts on the Agility over on fields 7, 8, and 9. all 3 days of the weekend. The new kid on the block in the Working Group the Doque De Bordeaux is holding an A Match with us, working towards their License.

Some of those Clubs that hold their Specialties with us have followed us from Marymoor to Carnation to St Thomas to Gold Creek and now back to Marymoor. Puget Sound Borzoi caught up with us at Carnation. Salukis held their 1st Licensed show with us at St. Thomas. Western Washington Weimarner Club and the Puget Sound Poodle Club have also been with us throughout our moves.

To all of the Specialty Clubs we say a BIG THANK YOU.

Our Supporting Specialty Clubs are

  • Irish Setter Club of Seattle
  • Evergreen Golden Retriever Club
  • Newfoundland Club of America
  • Puget Sound Saluki Club
  • Puget Sound Dalmatian Club
  • Boston Terrier Club of West. Washington
  • Portuguese Water Dog Club of Amer.
  • Puget Sound Poodle Club
  • Puget Sound Toy Fox Terrier Club
  • Puget Sound Borzoi Club
  • West. Wash. Weimaraner Club
  • Evergreen Chesapeake Bay Ret. Club
  • All Terrier Club of Wash.
  • Mt. Rainier Working Club.
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