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july 2008 Barker


19 June 2008

The below quote recently appeared in the Seattle Times.

The Wapato town council adopted the ban unanimously Monday. It applies to pit bull terriers or mixes of pit bulls and other breeds, including mastiffs, Rottweilers and American bulldogs.

It was also noted in the article that the ban does exclude service dogs and dogs - "certified" as Canine Good Citizens by the - "American Kennel Association".

Several months ago, a group named Families and Dogs Against Fighting Breeds (FDAFB) submitted a proposal to the Seattle city council to ban pit bulls and Rottweilers in Seattle. The current goal of FDAFB is to gather signatures on petitions that will be presented to the Seattle city council in an ef-fort to force the city council to pass breed specific legislation by 2009.

It appears that while we have been concerned about BSL in California, we have some fairly serious problems occurring in our own back yard. Sammamish Kennel Club does not currently have anyone that is following BSL, or proposed BSL, within the defined club territory. If anyone is interested in fulfilling this position, please contact me immediately. If no one is interested in collecting this infor-mation and coordinating club actions against it, we have only ourselves to blame when the legislation, whether city, county or state, is enacted. I know we are all busy people, and only a few people are do-ing most of the work of the club, but we are the people that BSL can hurt the most. If you think that your breed is not one of those being targeted, you may well be wrong. Can you imagine Dante being a dangerous dog? Some people think that he is; Belgian Tervurens are on several lists.

Please be sure to contact Rusty is you would like to steward in the breed rings for our August show. Contact me if you would like to steward in the Obedience and Rally rings. We will gladly take the time to train you, if necessary. If you would rather do something else to assist with the show, please contact Bo.

Dee Carlson
President – Sammamish Kennel Club

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