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Fun Run

July 2009 Barker


On Saturday the 20th of June, we had a Lure Fun Run in conjunction with the Fun Match. Our lure operator, Phil Allen, did a great job running the lure for all the different breeds and ages of dogs. His expertise and skill resulted in successful runs for almost every dog that tried the course. A number of puppies and adults had their first chance to really chase.

Dave Kingery lent his years of experience to make the event really special. His great patience and sense of humor was a delight. Even without any advertising we had a number of dogs and several different breeds were represented. We had a Greyhound, Italian Greyhounds, Saluki, Borzoi, Jack Russell, Afghans, Whippets and an amazing Belgian Tervuren.

I would like to say a special thank you to Phil and his fiancé who came to help out. They brought all the necessary equipment, set up the field and even spent time walking the drag lure around the 300 yard course. They drove to the match from Port Orchard to DONATE their time and expertise.

Many folks stopped by to ask questions about what we were doing. It gave us a great opportunity to do some very successful work with the public not only for our club but for AKC registered dogs et al.

Thanks to all who participated! Oh and Dee that is one fine running Terv!
Laura Young

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