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All-Breed B/OB Match

July 2009 Barker


JUNE 20, 2009

The weather Gods must have liked all the ‘Sun Dances’ we did last week since the rain held off until Sunday leaving Saturday as overcast, but not wet. Temps were nice and we didn’t have to put up the canopies which was a real plus.

We arrived about 8:30AM and set up 4 rings, 2 for conformation and 2 for obedience. The obedience rings saw 90% of the day’s action as the conformation entry was very low which was fortunate as one of our judges didn’t show up! Laura Young set up a Lure Demonstration and I understand she did a great job explaining this activity,

I particularly want to thank the Sammamish members who helped in so many ways: Barbara O’Neill and Sandee (lost her car keys – AGAIN) Isaacson for handling registration; Dee Carlson for organizing the obedience and judging; Michelle Brown and Geri Orta who ring stewarded and Randy Brown who helped set up and tear down; plus the many non-members who pitched in wherever necessary.

All in All, a Great Success!
Jan Leikam

Income Entries   $286.00
Expense Ribbons $210.50  
  Trophies $24.64  
  Site Rental $16.00  
  Lure Operator $50.00  
Totals   ($301.14) $286.00
Loss   ($15.14)  
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