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Looking Back in Time

July 2010 Barker


As you may remember I have asked each of you to remember when you joined Sammamish KC. I have all but a couple who have not replied. At this point in time the oldest member of the Club is Tonya Gisselberg with the year 1993. Bo and Doug are September 1994...Beverly and her husband Putnam were Charters, but they resigned their membership so she has to start again at 2000. Yet to be heard from, Laura Young, Patty Anderson, and Verlynn Johns. This led me to asking Jan, our Historian, what history might be in the several boxes she has been storing. So she brought me 2 of them to go through. One was Pictures and Show information, Beverly's past Corresponding Secretary notebook, and Jan's past President notebook. The other box was a goldmine. There were Barkers and minutes back to 1973. The Club was founded in 1971, but evidently no records were kept until a couple of years later. This led to sitting on the floor sorting everything out by years, as it was all mixed together. A fun thing to do on a rainy day. Unfortunately, the documents in the box only went to 1988. I'm waiting for the next rainy day now that I have them sorted into years, to sit down and read them all. But I have a 10 year gap between what was in the box and the notebook that Deb Lewy gave me of old Barkers that started in 1997.

I did scan through some of the old ones. The Club used to put on Handling Classes for both Conformation and Obedience at the Grange Hall in Redmond. Does anyone know if that is still there? As I go through them I will select items of interest and do a feature on them.

One thing that i thought might be of interest to us, Show results were printed. Did you get points at the last show? Did you finish your dog? Did you place in the Group? Etc. Would you like to see that in the Barker?

Also a profile of a new member was printed. A good way to get to know our people. What is their profession or occupation, hobbies other than dogs? [Is there any other?] How about now? How much do we know about each other? Would you like to see profiles of a member in each Barker?

There were also "funnies" that I might plagiarize, as none of you were aroudn then to know that is where I got them! [big ha] Jan still has a couple more boxes and maybe I will find in one of them the missing 10 years.

I do get items people think might be of interest or humor from some of you. I do forget to give the person credit lots of times. For that I'm sorry. I promise to do better. If you see an article and think it would be of interest to the rest of the Club, please do send it on. Most can be copied and posted onto the Publisher page. Some I have to retype.

Rusty Kingery, Editor




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