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July 2011 Barker


As I sit here looking at the empty page, I wonder, Where in the heck did June go? Seemed to pass by in a blur.

We still have the Standing Rules on our agenda. Geri has sent out the new revisions that we proposed last meeting. The hold up in approving the Rules seems to be in the section that describes the qualification for Active Membership requirements for nomination to office. The hang up being whether it should be 5 meeting or 5 events. 5 events opens it up for people who often can’t make the meetings but work each year at the 2 shows. We must have people , who are interested enough in being part of the business of the Club and attend the meetings. Remember, “Decisions are made by those who show up”, and those who show up are among the ones we nominate for office. This year Geri Orta and Nancy Warfield were added to the Board, as was Dave Kingery. All who “showed up”. I think once we have passed this hurdle the rest of the Rules will be quickly passed.

July meeting is always fun. It is short and we get down to the important stuff…...eating and socializing. We meet at the fire pit at lot I. Which is the one by the climbing rock. Details on back cover. As we look at July, how do your dogs relate to all the noise of the fireworks that so many neighbors set off ? Mine, esp. Tippy, who is now 9, really does not handle it. She would climb into my lap or inside my skin, if she could. We try to get her in as sound-proof environment as possible and do not allow her out except on a lead, even tho we are fenced all around. Not sure how Q will react. Be sure to secure and comfort your guys if needed.


See you on the 13th!

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