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July 2011 Barker


Dee Carlson - SKC Member since 1997DEE CARLSON

Since 1997

I joined Sammamish Kennel Club at a time when our President was an AKC Obedience judge and a good friend that I had met through membership in Washington State Obedience Training Club. He was looking for a few more obedience people to join Sammamish KC and lend a hand with the Obedience Trials. I was a tad leery about joining an all breed club, but Fred Marsh assured me I would be welcome. And he was right.

I have been showing my dogs in Obedience since the early 1970’s when I was on active duty in the US Marine Corps and stationed at Camp Pendleton in southern California. The first Obedience Trials that I attended were held by Orange Empire Dog Club and I found them intriguing enough to want to give Obedience a try with my own dogs.

I have owned and trained several Irish and Gordon Setters, a German Shepherd, a few Afghans, a Boston Terror, a few Miniature Schnauzers, several Akitas, and various other breeds not all of which were shown in Obedience. It has been rare for me to show my dogs in breed. Over the years of watching and training dogs, I finally settled on the Belgian Tervuren and can not imagine owning any other breed.

At the moment, Ken and I own two male Tervuren. Dante (Snowflower Midnight Inferno UD RN MX MXJ XF HIT) is soon to be 10 and was retired a few months ago after under going surgery for tumors in his mouth. Dante excelled in both Obedience and Agility. Zoom (Snowflower Racing The Wind CD RN HIT) at almost 3 years old just started showing in Obedience in January 2011 and is doing very well. He started competing in Agility a month ago and is also doing well there. Some day we will find Zoom’s elusive second major and his championship will be completed .Dante and Zoom both enjoy working with school age children in King County schools doing Dog Safety presentations and their obedience and agility “tricks”. Belgian Tervuren are lovely dogs and wonderful to live with and train, but if you do not keep them busy they will find things to do that may not be exactly what you had in mind.

I am also a member of Washington State Obedience Training Club (WSOTC), the American Belgian Tervuren Club and Sko-King Agility Club. I have taught puppy classes, Rally classes, home obedience and competitive obedience classes for WSOTC for over 10 years. I also own Avalon Pet Partners. My company provides pet sitting on the Eastside and I spend a lot of time working with people to resolve behavior and obedience issues with their dogs. I often spend more time training people than I do with their dogs. I also give private lessons for people that show, or would like to show, in competitive obedience and agility.

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