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Good Sportsmanship Award

July 2012 Barker


These are your Nominees for Good Sportsman Award - Vote to be at the July Picnic!

Bo Gloster:

It is a pleasure to nominate Bo Gloster for this year's SKC Sportsmanship Award. A member of the club since 1995, Bo's contributions to the sport of purebred dogs have spanned a wide range of areas. He was instrumental in the founding of the Mt. Rainier Working Dog Club, and has actively participated in putting on its shows ever since. In the SKC, we need no introduction to his innumerable contributions to the club, including serving as Show Chair, a Board member for many terms, and for the past ten years as SKC's first AKC Delegate. As AKC Delegate, Bo has participated in a variety of important projects, including the Group Realignment Committee and the Canine Health Foundation's Grant Review Committee. In these roles he has raised the visibility of the Club - all the while engaging others with his customary grace, respectful attitude, and good humor. He embodies the true definition of someone whose sense of sportsmanship is deep and long-lasting. Always, his primary focus is what is best for the sport, and best for the dogs. There is no one more deserving of the AKC Sportsmanship Award than Bo Gloster.

Jan Leikam:

No one is more deserving of this award than Jan Leikam. Since joining Sammamish Kennel Club, Jan has worked tirelessly for our Club - doing everything from storing all of our equipment to serving as President, Treasurer, numerous Committee Chairs, and many times heading up both the August and January shows - an unbelievable responsibility!

Over the years she has also enlisted the help of her family members, which has been a godsend and contributed greatly to the success of the shows. In addition, Jan was instrumental in getting the Sammamish Kennel Club recognized as an AKC Member Club. She would do anything for this club if asked - it means that much to her. Therefore, I urge members to support this nomination and vote for Jan Leikam for the 2012 Sportsmanship Award.

Jan has always been willing to step into the gap when there are no volunteers. When you need an answer to a club or show question, she is the one you go to. She has always worked hard with the best of the Club in mind. I feel her hard work and loyalty should be rewarded.


I have watched Tonya show her Vizsla for several years; first Flash and currently, young Pip. It is a pleasure to watch someone who is so patient in training this high energy breed to work well in Obedience and Agility where control is vital to success. Tonya is a long time member of the Sammamish Kennel Club and is always the first to volunteer to steward for our Obedience Trials in both January and August. She is one of the most competent and friendly Obedience and Rally ring stewards that I have ever known. It is not easy to check in Obedience exhibitors and hand out armbands while also changing jumps, being a figure eight post, maintaining the judge's work sheets, keeping track of which articles and dumb bells belong to whom, locating people and dogs for sits and downs, assisting the judge, answer exhibitor questions and a dozen other things that are all a part of stewarding in an obedience ring. I never worry about a ring running smoothly when Tonya, and Dee, are assigned to steward in that ring. When not running her dog, Tonya often stewards for Agility classes where she also does an excellent job. Tonya has also stewarded for Washington State Obedience Club Obedience Trials when other stewards could not be found. To my way of thinking Tonya is a great example of what good sportsmanship is all about; she wins graciously, she loses graciously, and she gives back to the sports in which she participates, always with a smile.


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