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July 2012 Barker


July is our annual Picnic which we hold at Marymoor Park. We will vote for our Good Sportsman Award recipient, any last Show information that we need to go over.

Our meetings are held on the 2nd Wednesday of the month, every month. It is a date I would hope you had circled on your calendar. The general business of the club can only be managed if enough of you members attend . I have often heard since I joined the club, that it is run by a “choice few”. Those of course are the “choice few” who come to all the meetings. Remember I have said this often in the Barker, “Decisions are made by those who show up” . We need you to “show up” and help with decisions. There are only 7 business meetings a year. January is the Judge’s dinner and show, March is the Award’s banquet, July is the Picnic, August is the Judge’s dinner and show, December is the Xmas Party. All of which, I might add, the tab for those is picked up by the Club. Our Standing Rules require that to be nominated for office, one must have attended 5 Club functions in the preceding 12 months. Nominations are coming up. I suppose we could squeak someone by, counting just the dinners, but they would have to attend meetings to conduct club business? Are meetings boring? Sure doing the business of the club hardly warrants horns and whistles. What would you suggest to make meetings more social? More interesting? Should we schedule programs? Tho how embarrassing would it be to have only 7 people show up for the person giving the program?

Take this as an invitation to rejoin the Club as an active member. Is there a committee that peaks your interest? Is there a program you’d like to have?

Sammamish KC needs you!


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