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July 2014 Barker


May 14, 2014

Atttending: Laura Young, Rusty Kingery, Geri Orta, Dave Kingery, Sandee Isaacson Holly Berman, Robert Gloster, Patty Anderson, Jan Leikam.

Meeting Minutes

April minutes report was read and corrected as follows: Add Dave Kingery to attending.

The event center discussed would be in Wellington Hills, Woodinville being built sometime in the next 4 or 5 years

President’s Report

Bo and Rusty negotiated with Marymoor Park the following: The Grounds cost for this year’s show will be $9,300.00 inst of $11,000 which was what we were contracted to pay. Vendor space per linear foot charge $1.50 inst. of $2.50. The park will split the RV parking fee, $15.00 to them and$10.00 to us. In the past they have taken $25.00 per RV parking. Should Marymoor have a conflict reservation for the grounds, Norah [chief of operations for the Park] has assured us that a comparable area would be given to us for our Show.

In addition to these perks we do receive $2000. 00 from WWHA for the Agility fields they use, that are part of our package with Marymoor. And this year the Specialty Clubs will split the cost of the EMT on Friday and Saturday. They will cover $400. of his 3 day $900.00 fee.

There was no treasurer report as Susan Plouff wasn’t present. Laura provided copies of the Monthly fi-nances received via email from Susan.

[finances deleted as they are never to be shown in public reports, and the Barker is printed on the Web site.]

These are the corrected parts of the May minutes, with the exception of the correction about the ring fees, which were the total received from the Specialty Clubs for their rings, not what we pay per ring..

Rusty Kingery

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