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July 2014 Barker


June 11, 2014

The regular meeting of Sammamish Kennel Club was called to order, by President Rusty Kingery at 7:34 PM. Wednesday, June 11 at the fire Station at Rose Hill.

Present were: Sandee Isaacson, Geri Orta, Rusty Kingery, Jan Leikam, Patty Anderson, Don Anderson, Madeline Boucher and Roy Tellez, Susan Plouff, Dave Kingery. The Secretary did not attend, so the minutes were taken by Susan Plouff.

Minutes from the May meeting were read, and approved as corrected. Due to the number of changes, the minutes will be republished.

There was no Secretary Report.

Treasurer report was given. Susan requested funds be transferred to the checking account to facilitate expenses arriving for the summer show. Jan will transfer enough to get us through.

Show Committee for the January Show Report: Susan reported regular Judges were secured and contracts would be going out for the obedience Judges. Geri will arrange for the Obedience Stewards. Committee members were discussed. The following members volunteered to Chair Committees: Madeline Boucher, trophies, Announcer, Rusty will call Bubba. Jackie will do catalog sales. Susan will call Barbara Underwood to see if she will take on Hospitality again this coming year. Jackie and Patty will do Ring Decorations. Susan and Laura will do Judges gifts. Madeline asked what her budget was and was informed, trophies usually ran around $500.00 in the past.

No Old Business

New Business - Susan found another garbage company willing to do our summer show. ABC hauling. After some discussion, it was decided Susan will contact them and make arrangements.

Nothing for the Good of the Club.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:15PM.

Susan Plouff, for Secretary Laura Young.

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