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July 2015 Barker


June 10th Fire Station 26, RoseHill

Members in attendance, Rusty Kingery, Laura Young, Jan Leikam, Geri Orta, Sandee Isaacson, Jackie Blumenstetter, Madeleine Boucher, and Roy Tellez

Business: We voted on the $500.00 for the AKC Pet Disaster Relief Project that we had discussed at a prior meeting with no quorum to do a vote. It was approved.

We voted to pay Don Joseph for his expenditures, and service as Grounds Manager for the Show Site. He has spent many hours tending the grounds, grating the entrance road into the site, and constructing a shed to house the Grater/lawn mower.

The discussion then went to the Show Plans and site. The show rings setup, Vendors placement, and RV and day parking layout. We will have 2 quad rings and 1 double ring to hold group Judging. There will also be a double ring away from the main grouping for the Obedience/Rally events. On Thursday evening, the Herding Group will put on an ALL Breed Match including Juniors, Friday there will be 6 Specialty Clubs holding Specialties, Saturday we add 3 additional Clubs for a total of 9 Clubs altogether. We have lost 3 Clubs from the previous years and gained 2. The new Clubs are the English Setter Club and the Staff Bull Terriers stayed with us. They had been one of the All Terrier Group that left for the Puyallup Cluster. Friday after Specialties the Toy Fox Club will hold their B Match as they have for us at Marymoor. The English Setters, on Saturday after their Specialty will hold CGC and Therapy dog tests. The Stafford Bull Terriers are holding a Seminar, speaker Pat Hastings. A full and busy weekend!

We will have the Search and Rescue Team from the area, who will have an EMT on grounds, as well as a food truck. They will only take donations for your purchases. In their by laws they can't have regular charges. We will have a crew of them for security, gate tenders, parking, and hospitality grounds runners to help our Exhibitors as is needed to get equipment etc to their rings. This all for a nominal donation to their group. Sounds like a real bargain for us with an adult, willing to work crew.

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