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A Picture is Worth 1000 Words

July 2015 Barker


I have been lucky enough to receive some of the most expensive Dog publications from friend Jan, when she is done with them and they would be normally recycled. Tho I don’t show any-more as I have no Deerhounds now, I still enjoy reading the articles and viewing the pictures of the current dogs out on the circuit that are advertised. In the June Issue of The Canine Chronicle there was a very thought provoking message from the Publisher about advertising, and the 4 components of a successful AD. The components of a successful AD:

  1. Color,
  2. Sharpness, background and foreground,
  3. the dog, pictured in the most flattering angle, remembering it is the dog that is the important image and the picture that should be chosen featuring the dog, not the handler. One of the important points:

  4. The image of the dog moving should be with the dog in stretch position on the judges side rather than the off side.

With this information now in my head I proceeded to page thru the magazine to view all the great dogs inside. The picture of a beautiful stacked Borzoi had bothered me then I checked out the side picture of her moving. I had seen her in several of the batch of magazines I had and each time I had wondered about her top line in motion. Something bothered me. Sure enough when I got to her page that was it! They had published a picture of her with the off side of the Judge to the view. Really changed her outline and that is what my problem had been with her AD. She was not alone in Ads that were trying to show movement to impress the Judges that flip thru the magazines. Picture that showed the wrong “thousand words”. Picture of the “Top Five Australian Shepherds” having just taken a RBIS, and he was pictured pacing!!! Is that a slam against the Judge? Or the handler who wasn’t paying attention? Or the person who sent in the AD? As I read their Standard they have a “smooth easy gait” which does not sound like a Pacing Gait is correct.

So the reason for this essay, tho most of us can’t afford the slick magazine Ads, we do send pictures probably to our Breed Clubs to brag our win and impress our peers. Show off a great dog that could be used at Stud, or a beautiful bitch who will soon be having puppies. To get the best results, look at your picture very objectively. Did it show what you wanted to tell?
Follow the rules that our publisher laid out. I might add, know your photographer’s work. Does he/she have a good eye for getting the best shot?

Good Ads to you!

[you can practice Ads by sending Show pictures to the Barker [no charge]. I would be happy to print them. Plus it would give you a preview of your ad to check it out before you had to pay big money to publish it]

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