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July 2015 Barker



This year now that we have our own property, we have changed the venue to the new site. There are those of us who have yet to see the area. There has been a lot of work on the property by our Site Manager, Don Joseph. With the grater, mower we purchased, he has sculpted the grounds, widening the road in and tending the field. We have had renters during the year. We had a woman’s football team who used the field for practice, and had a game last month. A Club who held a B Match, and now a Model Airplane Club that will be there flying their models in the morning hours. For all of these clubs we have a Certificate of Liability on file for our, and Mark’s protection, and have received a fee for their use of the grounds. We are open to any Clubs that would like to hold an event, tho we have mapped out a No EVENT week, the week of our Show. I will have directions to the site on the back page of this issue. Pick your favorite dish to bring and chairs for yourselves.
See you there!


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