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Dee Update

June 2013 Barker


Written by Ken Carlson

Dee is entering the last two weeks of treatment. The radiation has switched from a broad pattern to a targeted pattern more concentrated on the tumor area. It produces some different sensations. She tires more easily and the nausea has increased. Foods also taste different to her. She is able to get out and walk Dante with me on most days. She wears her hat in the sun and cool weather. Not really to protect her hair. Her hair was a victim of a very focused tornado. It now makes a very distinct, but minimal, fashion statement.

Dee's brother Ed and Linda visited this week. We enjoyed the visit. We also spent an evening having dinner at Tom, Dee's brother, and Conny's house.

We appreciate the nice spring weather this year. Brighter days make things easier to tolerate. Looking forward to ending the initial treatments and seeing the results of the next MRI somewhere in later June. Then we will know where we go from there.

More later. Thanks for the prayers and support.

Dee and Ken

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