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June 2013 Barker



Present: Dee Carlson, Ken Carlson, Rusty Kingery, Dave Kingery, Sandee Isaacson, Jackie Blumenstetter, Nancy Warfield, Laura Young, Holly Berman, Bo Gloster

The meeting was called to order at the Rose Hill Fire Station at 7:40 PM.
Approval of Minutes: The minutes of the April 10, 2013 General Meeting were approved.

President’s Report: There was no Board meeting preceding this meeting as a Quorum was not present.

Treasurer’ s Report: Receipts and income have been received from the January show, including catalog sales, grooming space rentals, etc.

Report of the Aug 25, 2013 Show chair: The show is starting to fall into shape with some fi-nal revisions on the judging assignments/panel. The schedule includes a final premium list completion by the end of May 2013, including trophy listings, supported entries etc. The role of obedience coordinator remains open, as Dee is unable to fill this post at this time. Dee, Rusty and Bo will research options, including consultation with BaRay officials, other Club officials, etc. If there is an overload in obedience entries, the Show chair (Bo Gloster) will probably contact Jill Jones to determine her availability. We continue to work with the Redmond town center Marriot, and Patty Anderson will facilitate this.

Report of the AKC Delegate: Bo Gloster reported on the discussions, fallout, consequences of the NBC Today show report, basically slamming the AKC, as the network questioned kennel inspections, licensures, etc

Old Business: Laura Young and Bo Gloster have not yet met on the possibility of social net-working with a Facebook page for the Sammamish Kennel Club. They will do so in the future.

New Business : none.

Good of the Order: Certainly the highpoint of the evening was welcoming Dee Carlson back to our meetings, following her recent absence for medical reasons. It was indeed a delight to have her input on our Show and her take on new AKC developments.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:45PM

Bo Gloster for
Michelle Brown, Sec.

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