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June 2013 Barker


It was great to see Dee and Ken at the meeting. She still had some hair left after starting the rounds of Chemo and radiation. An update by Ken is on page 4.

As you have read, Wayne Leikam and Bryan Christie have come to our rescue and checked out our 13, 10 x 20 canopies for damage. One of the 13 was so badly damaged that a complete re-placement of the frame would have to be purchased. Quoted price was $795. for the frame parts. The other 12 were in better shape needing only bolts and screws and cannibalized parts from canopy #1 to make them workable. The nuts and bolts are available for a minimal amount in comparison. Wayne and Bryan have volunteered to do the repair. [thank you, thank you!!] All they have asked is for a couple of strong men to help get them stored back in the storage area. Wayne said he would let us know when that will be.

The AKC is once again asking for help with funds for the Oklahoma disaster area. Helping people and their pets get housing and try to get back to some normalcy. Did you get a chance to see the video of the elderly woman finding her pet Scotty who was found under a pile of debris? It was heart wrenching. There are many reasons we all have settled here in the Washington area, which is like the Land of Oz in comparison to the rest of the US, I’ll take drizzle rain anytime!

Till June 12th. Be good to yourselves and your love ones.


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