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June 2006 Barker
Minutes from the Last Meeting — May 10, 2006



General Meeting called to order by Dee Carlson at 7:42pm

Introductions of attendees and visitors.

Carol Chittum will have second membership reading today and Leslie Sena guest.

Members present: Bo Gloster, Verlynn Johns, Dee Carlson, Jan Leikam, Jessica Wilcock, Muriel Clifford, Cliff Hewitt, Martin and Nancy Warfield, Michael Krolewski, Laura Young, Nina Neely.

Motion made to approve April minutes. Motion adopted.

President’s Report: Verlynn Johns has taken over this position from Muriel Clifford who was the temporary secretary.

Secretary report : None

Jan Leikam reported that AKC sent letters out stating that Working Dog Sport events have been approved.

Treasurer report: None

Committee reports:

Rusty wanted everyone to know that the Grange donates the printing of the “The Barker” for the club. Please check their store out.

The board approved the Borzoi club to use our obedience and rally equipment for their Nationals May 2006.

Benevolence committee report still working on info as to the amount that will be turned over for donation.

Membership Beverly Little will assume Committee Chair

Club still needs to measure the grounds at Marymoor for the August show.
Parking of overflow still a question for August show - how to share with other event taking place on same day.

Judges committee: Bo and Jan are finishing up the judges for the August 2007 show

Trophy Chair: Verlynn stated that the trophies have been purchased for the August show 2006.

Web page has been reported to be off line. Jan will contact R. Lynn for possible billing payment. Members stated they could not find the address of new meeting location from the web site because it was down.

Mention that post cards had gone out via USPS stating the time and location.

Membership reading by Dee: Second reading for Carol Chittum
Bo asked if we could discuss questions regarding Laura Young’s information that was brought up regarding Carol Chittum. Carol Chittum also responded to questions regarding Laura Young’s concerns of her applying for membership.

Bo also spoke regarding the Sieger show hosted by the Bernese mountain dog club that would like to hold it on Saturday before our show in August. Do we even have the space available for them to have it. This is pending on measure the grounds of the show in the near future.

Dee Carlson read the existing Standing Rule that will be voted on and then read the purposed Standing Rule. No further discussion. Michael Krolewski asked that a roll call vote be taken. Vote taken: 7 no’s, 4 yes’s, 2 abstain, Standing Rule will stay in place

Discussion took place as to having more communication with club members and respecting all club members.

Nancy Warfield volunteered to be program chair.

Meeting adjourned at 9:05pm

Submitted by Secretary Verlynn Johns


Standing Rule Results


To avoid any potential charges of favoritism or conflict of interest, Sammamish Kennel Club members and/or persons residing in their households shall not show, handle or exhibit either personally or through an intermediary any animal owned wholly or in part by Sammamish Kennel Club members and/or persons living in their household nor shall act as an agent for others at the Sammamish Kennel Club Shows. The restrictions listed above for members shall also apply to show photographers.

Vote: 7 no -4 yes -2 abstaining to change the Standing Rule.
Total membership 30.


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