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June 2008 Barker


May 14, 2008
Kirkland Fire Station #26

General Meeting called to order at 7:40pm by Dee Carlson

Members present: Dee Carlson, Jan Leikam, Bo Gloster, Cliff Hewitt, Rusty Kingery, Dave Kingery, Muriel Clif-ford, Laura Young, Verlynn Johns, Julia Johns

Guests: Michelle Brown

Minutes from the April meeting were approved as printed in the May Barker.

Presidents report: We have received a copy of the AKC Annual Report.

Whidbey Island Kennel Club requested permission to hold a B match at Marymoor Park in conjunction with WWHA. Dee wrote them a letter (email) granting permission.

Dee received AKC Club Requirements Question and Answer sheet and gave it to Jan.

Dee ordered the newest Dealing with Misconduct booklets from AKC and disbursed them to Board members with a reminder that any club member could be asked to sit in on an Event Committee Hearing at our shows.

Secretary report: AKC has a pet first aid CD available for purchase.

Treasury report: Jan filed financial statement

Rusty introduced Michelle Brown as a guest

AKC Delegate report by Bo Gloster:

AKC fees: the AKC board has proposed that they be given the authority to set all fees. A vote on this issue will take place at the June Delegates Meeting. The Club advised Bo to vote “No” on this issue.

AKC is promoting responsible breeders of AKC puppies and would like clubs to place advertising in local newspapers. Not feasible for SamKC as we are an all breed club, rather than a specialty club.

The AKC All Breed Delegate Committee is compiling a database of club show chairs, presidents, etc. to better share informa-tion.

Benevolence report: Dee Carlson gave the following recommendations for monies:

  • Delta Society - $250
  • JEAW - $150
  • SPDR - $300
  • WSU Scholarship fund - $1500
  • NW Disaster Search Dogs - $300
  • AKC / CHF - $500
  • California Legal Fund - $200
  • US War Dogs Assoc. - $300
  • Total: $3500

Bo Gloster moved that the recommendations for dispersal of $3500.00 be approved, giving the committee discretion to as-sign funds going to USWDA. Rusty Kingery seconded. Passed unanimously. Dee will send to Jan.


Second reading of Michelle Brown's Membership Application. Michelle shared her love for dogs, would like to further her education in therapy work and is willing to help the club out. Votes 8 yes, 1 abstain. Congratulations Michelle Brown!

August 2008 Show report:

Bo stated that some of the Specialty Clubs would like to have their own golf carts. Dee asked that specialty clubs rent their own golf carts.

Bo asked club members to support their own breed by sponsoring a trophy for the August show.

Rusty requested that we consider raising the amount that we pay non-member ring stewards. There are several people that steward for breed that are from the Olympia area. Consensus opinion was that this is a decision to be made by the show chair.

AKC mentors at our August show will be Bo Gloster and Laura Young.Discussed the AKC armband project whereby arm-bands have a responsible dog ownership statement on the back. The armbands are signed and sent to local political repre-sentatives. Dee will talk with Sheila Raymond (BaRay) about this.Old Business:

Laura Young discussed a lure coursing fun match at Argus ranch, videotaping and ribbons for participants. $5.00 fee. Laura will continue to work on this project and report on progress at the June meeting.

A vote, by paper ballot, was taken for 2007 AKC Sportsmanship Award. Those nominated were:
Tonya Gisselberg
Dee Carlson
Jan Leikam
Julia Johns

The Award will be presented to Julia Johns at the August show.

New Business: AKC ACE Award application was received. Club decided that Milo, Marilyn Evan's service dog, should be nominated for this award. Dee will send in the application by 30 June. Discussed creating a scholarship program for Best Junior in Show. Dee and Verlynn will prepare a report for presentation to the club.

Meeting adjourned at 8:55 PM.

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