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June 2009 Barker


President Beverly Little called to meeting to order at 7:33PM. In attendance: Jan Leikam, Cliff Hewitt, Bo Gloster, Dee Carlson, Geri Orta, Michelle Brown, David Kingery.

The minutes of the preceding meeting were approved as printed in the Barker.
Treasurer’s Report: Jan reported we’re in good financial shape and $1300 from Ba-Ray has been paid.

Committee Reports:

August 2009 Show Committee: Bo reported our entries should stay relatively steady and preparations are on track. He will schedule a meeting with the Fire Marshall and will check with Ba-Ray on their securing a better PA system.

August 2010 Show Committee: Cliff reported all going well as planned.

January 2010 Show Committee: Jan reported the judging panel is all set but it is not up on the AKC website yet but will be as soon as Puyallup submits the combined application.

Old Business: Bo gave a brief report on the AKC realignment of Groups.

New Business: Jan moved, Dee seconded: due to the June match, we not have either a Board Meeting or a General Membership meeting in June. Passed unanimously.

In the absence of the Membership Chair, David Kingery read an application for membership from Jill Alexander. This is the second reading but Jill needs to attend another meeting before a vote is held. The Membership chair will so inform.

Motion for adjournment was granted at 8:15PM.

Submitted for the Secretary,
Beverly C. Little

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