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June 2009 Barker


What do you all think is the purpose of a Dog Club? I know what the SKC Constitution states as the purpose: “Further the advancement of all breeds of pure-bred dogs; To do all in its power to protect and advance the interests of Dogs shows, Obedience Trials, Other AKC sanctioned events. To encourage sports-manlike competition at such events and to conduct Dogs shows, Obedience Trials, Other AKC sanctioned events under the rules and regulations of the AKC.

Is that all there is to it, simply putting on AKC events?

I’d like us to take a look at that first statement “protect and advance the interest of purebred dogs” and suggest we might want to start putting a little more emphasis on that objective.

How can we do that? Well, in today’s anti-pet environment I’d like to see us put a lot more emphasis on the Club’s responsibility to educate both members and the general public on responsible pet ownership and on how to recognize responsible breeders.

We, who have been involved in purebred dogs for many years and have these tools sometime assume everyone else should too. We often treat with scorn novices or those less educated in this arena. I suggest we try to be more “mentor” and less “critic.”

And as for that “sportsmanlike” goal, I’d like to see that applied wholeheart-edly to conduct among the membership. We may have different breeds, interests, emphases, talents, tempers and knowledge but we all definitely have the ability and responsibility to treat one another with kindness and respect.

Have a great, winning summer.

Beverly C. Little
President – Sammamish Kennel Club

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