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June 2010 Barker


May 12, 2010

Vice President Rusty Kingery called the meeting to order at 7:28pm. In attendance: Jan Leikam, Cliff Hewitt, Rusty and Dave Kingery, Michelle Brown, Nancy Warfield, Geri Orta, Laura Young, Nolan and Melissa Rundquist.
The minutes of the April meeting were read by Michelle Brown. Moved and seconded to accept the min-utes as read. Passed unanimously.

Secretary’s report: None.

President’s report: Beverly Little is on the road as reported by Rusty Kingery.

Treasurer’s report: Jan Leikam says overall we are doing very well. A written report was passed out.

Board report: none as we did not have a quorum.

Committee reports:

August 2010/2011 shows- Cliff Hewitt reports things are going well with a few items that are still open.

B-Match- Jan Leikam reports we are approved by AKC for August 14th. We are accepting mixed breeds in obedience for this show. There will be flyers that club members can print out and pass out at other shows.

Standing Rules Review Committee: The committee was asked by Jan Lekeim to submit a report to the club by email, a review of suggestions on the standing rules to see where we differed. It was to be sent by Friday before the next meeting. Laura Young reports that the committee has come up with the following areas of concern regarding the standing rules: Memberships, Cluster Meetings, Goals, Active Membership and Member in Good Standing. The following committees were also reviewed: Judges Din-ners, Trophies, Audit, Membership, Properties, Social Activities, Show and Social Activities, Judges Se-lection, and Specialty Club Coordinator.

Cluster Meetings: January Show, Obedience will not be open to mixed breeds. Each Club has 1 vote but members could attend with our Rep as long as the Host Club has prior knowledge to arrange for the size of the room that would be needed.

Membership report: Rusty reports she has a list of everyone who joined the club and when. She also brought all the old Barkers from 1997. Rusty will publish the list when she gets all of the information.

Dave Kingery nominates Jan Leikam for January 2012 show chair. Jan accepted the nomination, Nolan Rundquist seconded and the vote for nomination was passed with one abstained.

Old Business: none.

New Business: the club will look into purchasing new jackets for the club members. Nancy Warfield will bring a catalog to the next meeting.
Nancy Warfield is working on a program for the meeting in June.

Motion of adjournment granted at 7:42PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Michelle Brown, Secretary.

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