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June 2010 Barker


Report from the Vice President

May is the magical month of Specialties for Sighthounds. Our President, Beverly Little was on the road to California for the Irish Wolfhound Specialty. I was supposed to be in Vermont at the Basin Harbor Resort on Lake Champlain for mine. Didn’t work out this year. Barbara O’Neill , Patty Anderson and Don were already off to Kentucky for the Borzoi National, with Jan flying out the Sat-urday after meeting, early AM to join them. Dee off at Washington DC. And Bo I found out was in Jamaica!!! I hope he raised a rum and coke for us left at home.

So we had a small meeting and not enough bodies for a quorum for a Board, but enough people came to make a quorum for the meeting. The very important work of reviewing the Standing Rules has begun , the Committee, Nancy Warfield and Geri Orta, and headed by Laura Young had met and reported areas that we should consider for amending for an update or maybe even deleting. They are listed in the minutes . You might look over those sections and familiarize yourself with the wording. The committee has been asked to send out a report on their findings and solutions, if any, by the Friday before the next meeting June 9th. If any member has any suggestions for revision of any section, please contact the committee. . Any changes to the Standing Rules may be done by a vote of a simple majority of those attending the meeting.

rhyshruns@verizon.net, nancy.warfield@shorelineschools.org, geriorta@prodigy.net

Looks as if we will have plenty to do at the June meeting. This will be an important meeting. What we decide that evening will be the Rules to run the everyday activities until we once again take on the project of Review.

July is picnic time for the Club. Usually held at Marymoor Park at the picnic covered area at LOT I. Jan usually gets foot long sandwiches and we pot luck salads and dessert. July is the 14th, 2nd Wed. Mark it on your calendar.

August is the BIG month. The 2nd week of August, Saturday the 14th we are doing a B Match. The Obedience at the match will include mixed breeds that are eligible and have registered with the AKC. The Match will be at Marymoor where the Hound Club holds the Agility the 3 days of our All Breed. As we get closer I will put a flyer in the Barker. Specialty Clubs, Basset, Borzoi, Whippet, Saluki and All Hound Club of Bellingham. August, of course is our Special Summer Show 28,29 for Specialty Clubs and the All Breed on the 30th. Volunteers for any of the committees are always welcome.

See you all next month!!!!!!

And remember, Decisions are made by those who show up and are heard. We hope you care enough to be one of the decision makers!

Rusty Kingery, VP

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