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June 2011 Barker


June is a really full month in the calendar away from Dog Shows. Graduations Weddings and Father‟s Day all rolled into one Month. In my world there is Father's Day, my son's birthday and the Deerhound National Specialty, which I originally thought was in conflict with our monthly meeting. But in setting up the Barker, I found that the 2nd Wednesday falls earlier this month, on the 8th. So I guess I will be with you all after all.

June will be a very important meeting. According to the Standing Rules, The proposed changes will be voted on by the membership at the first meeting following notification of the proposed change. A simple majority of the members present and voting is required for passage. I expect Geri will send out the amended and proposed document within 2 weeks of the meeting. You will all have a chance to read it. If there are no additional proposed changes, we will vote on the 8th of June. So it is important for all to attend, as we will, if past history is any criteria, have to live with the new document for several years.

Also expect a final report from the Benevolent Committee as to where we will donate this year.

In the works, Nancy and Dee are looking into the feasibility of putting on a B Match sometime in July.

Enjoy this short spell of sunny weather! [this written on the 18th of June, and if we all survive May 21st, “Doom's Day” I‟ll see you on the 8th of June!

Rusty Kingery

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