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June 2015 Barker


Last Friday when I opened my email program I was surprised to see the Gazette there in its full content! I have been very lazy since the Kennel Club changed it’s practice of hard copy mailing. After the 1st couple of months of remembering to going to the web site to read the Gazette, "I forgot," "didn't know the date the issue was published," among the other excuses for not keeping up.

We started subscribing to the Gazette when we joined the dog world in 1967. Back in those days you received 2 books. One was one similar to what we have now, and the 2nd one was record of every Dog Show in the Country held between the issue dates, listing all the Shows, the Judges, Exhibitors, placing, and points acquired. They later discontinued that book. I imagine the growth of the numbers of Shows bogged them down. I continued my subscriptions until that period when published books were no longer printed hard copy and mailing was too expensive to continue. One of the features that was always fun was a full Secretary report where you could follow the discussion on all the proposals from the persons in the delegate. This they discontinued much to my disappointment, as it was interesting to hear what some of the club’s delegates had to offer on the subject. You became acquainted with names and noticed who always had a lot to say on every subject. Whether they eliminated the discussions to save space or the person’s reputation they never explained. However took the "color" out of the minutes.

I realized how much I had enjoyed reading the Gazette and learning all the new Judging applicants, things and events they are working toward for us to have to handle. I hope I am not alone in receiving this on line complete edition. Did any of you get one?

The Club news is there as well. This issue had the Hounds and Terriers.
If you were not on their SEND LIST I would suggest you contact AKC and see if you can be. Email for the edition at the top of the page in the subject line. It is good to be on top of what is happening so if we have concerns about anything they are proposing, we can alert Bo to speak for us. He has a meeting scheduled for June 8th so I assume we won't see him at the June meeting


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