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June 2015 Barker


Well another meeting with only 3 of the Board in attendance. No Quorum, so no business able to be conducted. We had 3 people out of town, and another whose work hours didn't allow time to get to meeting. Probably should have cancelled the meeting but we had members of the Search and Rescue Team that is going to work our Show come with Madeleine and Roy to talk about what they will be doing at the Show. We will have a food truck there, for coffee in the AM and breakfast sandwiches. Along with lunch for the 3 days. EMT on duty and a security patrol along with people to work the gate and do the "hospitality cart" that we always offer to our exhibitors. This for a donation to their Group.

Laura brought a guest, and introduced Jade.

I hope we can get a quorum for June, we have a request to put into motion to donate to the AKC Pet Disaster Trailer.

Many Clubs have made donations for a truck in our area to cover family pets who will receive shelter and care during disasters. We haven't had enough people attend the 2 meetings to move either way, or to vote on it. It is a wor-thy cause. See article on this issue


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