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Pet Disaster Relief Trailers

June 2015 Barker


AKC Pet Relief Trailer

All Clubs in the area have been asked to donate to the fund to buy a Pet Disaster Relief truck to cover our area of the Country. The picture above is what it looks like. I know the WWHA has donated $1000.00 toward the $22,000.00 for the purchase and stocking of the truck.

Each Pet Disaster Relief trailer will be stocked with essential non-perishable necessities for sheltering pets. The supplies can then be used to create a safe, temporary home base for displaced animals during a disaster and its aftermath.

After Katrina, new laws have been made to require that municipalities include pets in their disaster preparedness planning most communities don't have the funds readily available to create their own solutions. The trailers will be donated to emergency management organizations that will ensure that animals are cared for when they need it most.

AKC Pet Disaster Relief helps local Emergency Management provide animal care services immediately following a disaster. Once donated, AKC Pet Disaster Relief equipment will become the property of the municipality to deploy whenever a disaster is declared. They will assume insurance requirements, as well as proper storage and maintenance of the trailer and its contents Our Donation would go towards a second Truck for this area. Clubs that donated for the 1st Truck are: Seattle KC, Tacoma KC, Peninsula Dog Fanciers, Olympic KC, Timberland Valley Dog Fanciers, West Wn Hound Assoc, Evergreen Basenji Club. The organizers of the effort here are looking into an additional Sponsor who may be able to do a "Matching Funds" for those of us who are late getting onto the band wagon. Right now AKC is also doing some matching funds, but that could soon be over.

We need to act on this at the next meeting! Please let us have a voting quorum to do so.

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