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AKC Noteworthy News

June 2017 Barker


The AKC has been very busy advancing the sport and our mission to protect and promote purebred dogs. It is our pleasure to share some of these developments with you.

Breeder of Merit Levels of Recognition

Breeders are the cornerstone of our sport. Their time, dedication and commitment to breeding healthy dogs is cherished by our organization. In an effort to recognize those who are advanced successful breeding programs and producing champion dogs, we have enhanced the Breeder of Merit program to include four levels: Breeder of Merit Bronze, Breeder of Merit Silver, Breeder of Merit Gold, and Breeder of Platinum. Each of these levels requires a breeder to have bred a certain number of dogs that are actively earning titles.

Our sport and its champions come from responsible breeders whose passion for dogs and the sport are umatched. We are proud to have developed another way to honor your contributions.

Puppy of Achievement Program

Puppies are thefuture champions of our sport. Our clubs offer Puppy classes and encourage owners to participate in them. The Puppy Pilot Achievement Program is a new certificate to encourage exhibitors to compete by providing a realistic goal for puppies while they gain ring experience. The program requires that a puppy earn 10 POA points from the 4-6 Month Beginner Puppy Competition and/or regular Puppy classes.

This program is an excellent way to get your dog started in Conformation and a first step tpward becoming an AKC CHampion. We encourage you to learn more about the program and participate.

This is a brief overview of some of the happenings at the AKC and ways in which we are carrying out our mission. We are proud to share our commitment to purebred dogs with you. Look for more updates soon.


Ron Menaker, Chairman
Dennis sprung, President and CEO

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