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June 2017 Barker


Jan and I are waiting with bated breaths for the report to come back from AKC about our Show. If we hear before I send out this Barker, you will know immediately. It has been sent to the Appeals Committee for evaluation. Think good thoughts.

Meeting 2nd Wednesday the 14th of June. 7 PM and we are back at Station 26 in Rose Hill.

In the meantime, don’t forget the picnic next month on the 15th at the Show site. We realized at the meeting last month we had chosen the 8th, which is the new date for the Puyl/Tac cluster. So we traded weekends with the Drone Club to have it on the 15th. The usual type dishes we bring to the event will be needed. Jan usually supplies sub type sandwiches and pop to drink. 1 pm is the usual time. Plan on a couple of hours to do some visiting. And hopefully we can do some planning for an up coming show. We will be set in the Hospitality area.

The grounds are being rolled to smooth out some of the roughness. We have just had a mow of all the fields for the hay. The Whippets are running during the week and selected weekends and the Drones are there on Thursday evenings and occasional weekends. The RC CARs are getting set up.

So hopefully I will have some good news for you soon about the Show!!! Will let you know as soon as we hear anything.


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