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March 2007 Barker


Meeting called to order by President Dee Carlson at 7:45PM

Present were: Patty Hull, Muriel Clifford, Dee Carlson, Rusty Kingery, Cliff Hewitt, Beverly Little and Jan Leikam

Minutes of the November General Meeting were approved as printed.

Discussion of the January show pros & cons It was decided to re-visit the standing rule re: benevolence donation timing due to the need of WSU to have this info before their budget is approved.

Bo is to apply for the Saturday afternoon all-breed obedience trial with the entry limitation given him by Dee Carlson

It was decided to hold Board Meetings prior to the General Membership meeting effective with the April 2007 meeting. Timing: 7PM, Board; 7:30PM, General Meeting.

Meeting adjourned 8:40PM

Respectfully submitted,
Jan Leikam

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