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March 2007 Barker


The Board has decided to change the date and time of Sammamish Kennel Club Board meetings. Starting in March 2007, all Board meetings will be held at the same location as, and prior to, the general Membership meeting. Board meetings will start at 7 PM, unless otherwise notified.

The AKC has recently published a Mixed Breed dog survey with the intent of gathering information from the dog fancy on the feasibility of allowing mixed breed dogs to participate in several AKC events. Some of these events could be: obedience, agility, tracking and rally. Please take the time to go to www.akc.org/mixed breed_survey and fill out the survey. It is a good idea to read the information about mixed breed dogs that AKC has posted prior to completing the survey. As with many of AKC’s other ideas that have been floated over the last year, this is more than a little controversial, to say the least. We will discuss this issue at our next Membership meeting, if any one is interested in doing so.

The Awards banquet will be held Wednesday, 21 March, at the Crab Cracker. Please take the time to get your new 2006 title information to Rusty. Patty is working on a Power Point presentation that will be even better than the one she did last year. If you have any pictures that you would like to share, please send them to Patty. I do not remember hearing a deadline for getting this information to Rusty and Patty, but I am sure that the sooner you can get it to them, the better. Send your banquet RSVP to Jan. This banquet has always been very enjoyable and has given us a chance to relax and celebrate our achievements of the past year. The Crab Cracker has very good food, it’s on the Clubs bill, and the company is excellent. YA’LL COME!!

Dee Carlson
President – Sammamish Kennel Club


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