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Therapy Dogs

March 2007 Barker


Therapy Dogs

The ladies in the picture, from left to right, are Diane Rich, Julia Johns and Dee Carlson. We are part of a volunteer group that does Animal Assisted Therapy for the patients and staff at Overlake Hospital, in Bellevue, one day a
week. All of the dogs are highly trained in obedience and have earned Delta Society certification for hospital work (not an easy thing to do!). The yellow scarves that all of the dogs are wearing are required by Overlake Hospital so
that they can be easily identified as Therapy Dogs. Each dog is also wearing a jacket with Therapy Dog patches and has their own hospital security identification card, complete with their picture, and a Delta Society picture identification card. These dogs look forward to visiting the hospital as much as the patients and staff enjoy seeing them.

This picture was taken for a newsletter that Diane Rich is publishing.

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