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Marilyn and Milo

March 2008 Barker


Just over 5 years ago, the Sammamish Kennel Club bought a lovely, black Standard Poodle from Torbec Kennels in Canada and donated him to Marilyn Evans. Marilyn had been suffering from MS for about 13 years at the time. I trained Milo for service work and companionship for Marilyn.

Marilyn Evans died last night. [January 31st] She broke her leg in November, just before Thanks-giving, and has been in the hospital or under 24 hour, 7 days a week nursing care ever since. The leg finally healed as best as could be expected, but her overall health deteriorated with the long hospitalization. And rapid onset of the last stages of MS. This was as she wanted as the pain from the MS has been extreme. I have long admired her tenacity and strength over the last few years as the MS became worse almost daily. She was a very special Lady. Milo made her life easier not just because he was a service dog, but because he was ever present and always had a smile for her. Milo’s worth to Marilyn could never be measured in dollars, but he was more than worth every dollar that was paid for him. He was the best gift that we, Sammamish Kennel Club, could give to anyone.

I am trying to decide where to place Milo. I know of two people that he has known most of his life, that would be excellent for him. Both of the people are handicapped, but not to the extent of Marilyn Evans. Milo would continue as a service dog and would also be a cherished family mem-ber. We can discuss this subject more at our next Club meeting, Wednesday, 13, February.

Below is an American Indian poem that I often think of when my friends die. It is appropriate for Marilyn as all of her favorite places were all outside.

do not stand at my grave and weep
i am not there, i do not sleep.
i am a thousand winds that blow.
i am the diamond glint on snow.
i am the sunlight on ripened grain.
i am the gentle autumn rain.
when you wake in the morning hush,
i am the swift, uplifting rush
of quiet birds in circling flight.
i am the soft starlight at night.
do not stand at my grave and weep,
i am not there, i do not sleep.

Marilyn and Milo
When he arrived as a pup. Instant love.

Milo working
All grown up and a working dog.

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