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March 2008 Barker


Feb 13, 2008

Attending: Dee Carlson, Patty Anderson, Jan Leikam, Rusty & Dave Kingery, Laura Young, Barbara O’Neill, Muriel Clifford, Beverly Little, Cliff Hewitt.

Meeting called to order by President Dee Carlson at 7:38 PM.

The minutes of the November and December General Meetings were approved as published.

No report of the President.

No report of the Secretary

The Treasurer’s report was accepted as presented.

Discussion about the situation with Milo since Marilyn’s death. It was decided to leave Milo permanently with Victoria & Field Winslow as he has been living with them for a number of months now. Field has degenerative arthritis in the bones of his feet and legs so Milo is needed. We will invite them to join us in a future meeting.

Laura Young discussed the plan to put together a ‘lure demonstration’ with dogs of many breeds participating so that we can all see the running styles of differing breeds. We decided to attempt this in July, if possible. Laura will research suitable locales.

New membership application was read from Michelle Brown of Stanwood. Michelle is a Golden Retriever owner and, though now a spectator, she is looking to join a club to become more involved as a participant.

Submitted by
Jan Leikam for Verlynn Johns, Sec

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