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March 2009 Barker


The meeting was called to order at 7:40 PM by President Beverly Little.

Present were Beverly Little, Jan Leikam, Dee Carlson, Getri Orta, Sander Isaacson, David Kingery, Rusty Kingery, Laura Young, Cliff Hewitt, Barbara O'Neill and Patty Anderson. Beverly requested we stand and introduce ourselves. [which we did]

The President welcomed the prospective member Gerti, and the return of Sandee now that she is retired and work schedules no longer a problem.

No report from the Secretary.

Treasurer Jan Leikam reported she is still trying to unravel the NSF mess from Roger's Bank and replace all the checks that were involved.


The August Show Report was given at the Board Meeting. Jan and Dee require the list of Specialty Clubs that are going to be at the show so they can make contact for contracts and for Obedience needs.

Membership Committee: Rusty Kingery read for the 2nd readin, Gerti Orta, and the 1st reading for Randy Brown. Gerti was then voted in as our newest member.

Unfinished Business: Laura was asked about her plans for the Lure Demo. It was decided it would be a good event on the grounds of the B Match at Marymoor. Dave Kingery volunteered to help with the project. Laura is to make a plan and come back with it next meeting.

We have applied for and received permission to hold a B-OB Match on Saturday, June 20th, as one of our compliance requirements for this year. WWHA has Soccer fields 7 & 8, and has invited us to join them along with several Hound Specialty Clubs that are holding shows that day. We will hold all groups except Hounds. When we are ready for BIM the Best Hound from the WWHA Match will come to compete with the other group winners for BIM. It was also discussed that we hold a Steward's Workshop after the Match, which would be an Educational Compliance event.

The Awards Banquet will be held March 18th, which is the 3rd Wednesday of the month. We will be at the Crab Cracker in Kirkland, RSVP to Jan Leikam, waynejan1@verizon.com. Rusty will send out a Group Mailing requesting the members to send to her the names, titles, etc. for the dogs that finished last year. Patty Anderson will be again doing a slide show of the winners, so send your pictures to her, pattyhull@aol.com.

New Business: Laura questioned whether we had ever done dog PR work in the Schools. Dee reported that she and Dante, who is a Certified Service Dog, go often.

Beverly suggested that we consider selecting a Legislature Committee Chair. To monitor dog-related Bills passing through the State Legislature. No action was taken at this time.

We also were reminded that we are closing in on the time to make our nominations for the Good Sportsman Award from the membership. Beverly has put the deadline for nominations March 15th, with voting at the Awards Banquet, the 18th.

With no further business the meeting was adjourned at 8:15 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Rusty Kingery, for Verlynn Johns, Secretary

After the meeting, Jan presented a taped program. Titled: :To Be The Best." A photo journal of those activities that AKC sponsors including, besides conformation, to name a few, Field Trials, Lure Coursing, Working Terrier Trial, Agility, Obedience.

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