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March 2009 Barker


We are he Sammamish Kennel Club. We all know what Sammamish means: we know what kennel means, but do we know what CLUB means? Sometimes we don't seem to. I want to take us all back to that old nostalgic song
M O T H E R "that means the world to me," and make us think about C L U B.

A CLUB in this context is a UNION, an ALLIANCE (not a bludgeon). If we look at CLUB in a "motherly" way we might see:

C is for COOPERATIVE (that means working kindly with others in a supportive environment so we all succeed).

L is for LIBERAL (that means being willing to accept other members' ideas and methodologies though they may differ from our own).

U is for UNDERSTANDING (that means realizing that we all need help in our projects and we're truly not the ONLY ones who can do a good job even though others may do it differently from us).

B is for BIG HEARTED (that means generously volunteering our time and energy, accepting some of the responsibility for any CLUB failures, sharing the praise for any CLUB successes and always be willing to help and support our novice members who want to be a working/sharing part of our CLUB.

I don't expect the Sammamish Kennel CLUB to "mean the world to you" but I do expect it to mean something important to you...otherwise, why did you join?

Beverly C. Little
President – Sammamish Kennel Club

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