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March 2011 Barker


It was great to see so many members out for the February meeting. We got quite a bit done toward filling the Committee assignments. The spread of people volunteering was good as well. For those of you who were not at the meeting, if you see a committee that might interest you, please contact one of the committee members and tell them you would like to work with them.

We voted into membership Jackie and Paul Blumensetter who have already participated by working at the January Show. Jackie selling catalogs and Paul being tutored for Stewarding by Nancy Warfield. They also volunteered to help Nancy with her new job as Membership Chair. It was really good to see Verlyn, January Show weekend. She came and worked all day stewarding taking over for Julia who was in an arm sling Thank you Verlynn, we miss you!

April meeting should be a meeting important for you to attend. 5 of our Borzoi people will be off to their National Specialty in Kansas. So please mark in on your calendar to attend. We’ll need all bodies for our quorum. May looks as if it will be fun. Going through some of the boxes containing old records, Jan found a video taken at one of the early Sammamish August Shows, maybe 1/2 hr. She will bring it and someone said they would bring popcorn and after a short meeting we will have a program - -


By now I have come down from the high that the Westminster Kennel Club results put me on. As the announcer always says as he tells all about the Scottish Deerhound that they were entered at the 1st Westminster Show, several years ago I wrote to the Historian for the Kennel Club. When I asked him about it, he volunteered to send me copies of those pages of the catalog for the show. “1st Annual Westminster 1877.” There were 6 entered. 2 from the kennels of Prince Albert, the Queen’s Consort, one sired by Gen’l Custer’s Kirk, and 3 from the locals in the NY area, one was a fawn. A gene long lost now. And just for information, the Westminster K.C. was going before the AKC was formed. So after entering for 135 years our “Deers” finally took the show.!!!!

I have only received 3 dog’s information for Titles. Please do get your titles and brags to Patty and me. Do we not have any Grand Champions in the Club yet? No Group or National Specialty news? We are fast approaching the Banquet date. We need more than 3 to celebrate.

Rusty Kingery

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