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March 2012 Barker


February 8, 2012

Board meeting and General meeting combined

Meeting called to order by President Kingery at 7:02PM. Present were:
Rusty Kingery, Patty Hull, Nancy Warfield, Jackie Blumenstetter, Geri Orta, Jan Leikam, David Kingery

And membership applicants attending their first meeting, Susan and Len Plouff

The minutes of the last meeting were not available. No secretary’s report.

Patty Hull presented a preliminary financial report.

President Kingery presented the 2012 calendar of events.

  • March 7 The awards dinner
  • April 11 General membership meeting
  • May 9 General membership meeting
  • June 13 General membership meeting
  • July 11 Picnic meeting at Marymoor
  • August no meeting
  • Sept 12 General membership meeting
  • Oct 10 General membership meeting
  • Nov 14 General membership meeting
  • Dec 5th Christmas meeting

The Board appointed the following committee chairs: Michelle Brown will be added to Membership to replace Paul Blumenstetter. Jan Leikam added to Historian, Standing Rules should have included Nancy Warfield. The rest as was posted for last year. Check web page for full report.

Nancy Warfield presented the application of Len and Susan Plouff

The annual award dinner will be Wed, March 7 at 6PM at Angelo’s Restaurant, Bellevue WA. (map & directions on back page)

AKC Sportsmanship award.

Please have all nominations along with a short statement as to why you think this person should be our AKC Sportsman of the year to Bo Gloster prior to the March 7 awards dinner. We will vote at that time.

The Reserve BIS award will be mandated as of July of 2012. After much discussion it was decided to leave the color of the rosette up to the trophy chairman as it is a non-regular class and AKC has not directed any specific color scheme.

We will also take the final vote to direct our AKC delegate, Bo Gloster, how to vote on the Group realignment question at the Awards dinner.

Jan Leikam moved to donate the annual donation of $1500 to the WSU Veterinary Scholarship fund, Patty Anderson seconded. Patty Anderson, Treasurer, was directed to issue the check.

Meeting adjourned at 8:03PM

Respectfully submitted,
Jan Leikam

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