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March 2012 Barker


March is the month we get together and congratulate our fellow members for the titles they have worked to put either before or after our dog’s names. If you haven’t sent Patty and I the information yet, please get to it. Time is drawing neigh. This March we are moving our Banquet to a new place. Many of us were disappointed at the Xmas Party at the Crab Cracker, both menu and service. Angelos has been in Bellevue for many years and has a great reputation. The menu we will be working from is on page 5. and the directions are on the back page.

We will hold a brief meeting to talk with Bo about the vote that is coming up on the Group realignment, so he will be instructed as to how the Club would like him to vote at the March Delegate meeting.

Don’t forget also to send him your nominee for the Sportsman Award for this year. We will vote on that as well.

Please introduce yourselves to the New Members and applicants that you will see at the dinner. Susan and Len Plouff, who have Stewarded for us many times. Ellen Winningham, who was at the Jan Show, learning the ropes from Sandee. Also Jenny Merritt, who has just been voted in.

Be sure and get your RSVP to Jan, your new titled dog info to Patty and me.

See you at the dinner.


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