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March 2013 Barker


February 2013
Board Meeting

Forgot to write the meeting start time.

People in attendance: Rusty and Dave Kingery, Jan Leikam, Patty Anderson, Jerry Orta, Bo Gloster, Dee Carlson

Discussion about the owner of the Sammamish Kennel Club web page and the ISP. Our web page is currently down as we are unable to pay the bill – we don’t know what name used as the page owner.

Discussed large loss of money from the August 2012 show and trials. Jan suggested that obedience and rally be dropped from future shows as they don’t make money and contribute to a loss for the August shows. Dee Carlson disagreed with dropping obedience and/or rally. No discussion followed.
Long discussion on moving the August show and trials to another location, possibly Puyallup in June with Tacoma Kennel Club and Puyallup Valley Dog Fanciers (three day cluster). No decision reached. To be further discussed at next membership meeting.

SamKC canopies will be examined and repaired in April when the weather will hopefully be more cooperative.

Next meeting is the Awards Banquet to be held at Angelo’s (Bellevue) Wednesday, 27 March, starting at 6:30 PM, dinner served at 7 PM. Send awards for 2012 to Rusty and Patty by the end of February; please include pictures.

Send your nomination for the AKC Good Sportsmanship Award to Bo by May. Include a few paragraphs explaining your reasons for your nomination.

Bo and Laura have not yet met to explore creating a Facebook page for Sammamish Kennel Club.

Bo brought a copy of Scene magazine that contains an article about dog shows in general. Sammamish Kennel Club and Bo are mentions several times in the article.

Respectfully submitted,
Dee Carlson

(I also forgot to write down the time the meeting ended. The membership meeting was not called as there were only Board members in attendance.)

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