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March 2013 Barker


As reported in the Minutes, there was no General Meeting, due to the fact there were no members there other than David except Board members. And then we barely made the quorum. Too bad too, as I had brought cupcakes and pop for Valentines Day.

February was a sad month for some of our friends. Sakura Moses from Puyallup, who is the Coordinator for the Cluster lost her husband to cancer. A sympathy card was sent to her from “Friends at Sammamish.” Her acknowledgement of the card is printed below this report. Pro Handler, Don and Pat Rogers have been loyal supporters of our Shows. For those of you who may not have heard, they were in a horrendous accident near Shelton on their way home from a show weekend. A semi truck decided to move into their lane, with them in it. Don had nowhere to go to get out of the way, His truck was crushed in the front end by collision with the barrier on the side of the road. Pat was in that crushed area. She suffered a crushed pelvis, knee and back injury. Don received a broken collar bone. Pat faces weeks in the hospital as they try to piece her back together. You may have seen on TV the story of “Steeler” the 10 year old Whippet their personal pet, who ran from the scene and was lost for a couple of days. The dog people in the area sent out search teams and found him 10 miles away from the scene of the accident. Whippets travel fast and far in a short time. But after being checked out by a local Vet he is fine. The Show dogs were safe and unhurt still in their crates in the back of the RV and Don was able to return them to their owners. Sammamish has also sent them Get Well Cards, and Jan and Patty have visited with Pat to check on her and wish her well from us all.

Remember, no meeting on the 2nd Wednesday! The Banquet on the 27th at our new Favorite Angelo’s. In Bellevue. I have only received 4 requests for Title Certificates. ???? Was 2012 a slow year for finishing dogs? RSVP to me I guess this time. Driving Information on the back page.


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