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March 2014 Barker


From the American Kennel Club

March 4, 2014

The All-Breed Club Delegate Committee would like to invite All Breed Clubs and delegates, show chairs or officers to join our E-list group so that ideas, problems and solutions can be shared by the group.

If you or a club member wishes to participate, please send an email to ALLBREEDCLUB-subscribe@yahoogroups.com to ask to join. The system will send the requesting email address a conformation email and you will be asked to respond. Following that your request will be processed by the new moderator volunteer, Cathy Rubens (cathy@silverhillrottweilers.com) (Delegate for the Fayetteville KC - North Carolina and member of the All-Breed Committee). This list currently has 399 members representing AKC member and licensed All Breed Clubs.

We look forward to having your club be part of this group so that you have the opportunity to communicate with other All Breed clubs across the country.

The All-Breed Clubs Delegate Committee

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