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July 2014 Barker


February 12, 2014

Laura Young, Len Plouff, Susan Plouff, Rusty Kingery, Geri Orta, Sandee Isaacson,Dave Kingery, Madeleine Boudeer and Roy Tellef

The Second Reading for Madeleine and Roy Tellef was done and a vote taken. All were in favor of adding The Tellef’s to the Sammamish Kennel Club as members.

Presidents report:

Rusty Read a letter from Dee Smiley and Tonya Gisselberg tendering their resignation effective immediately.

Geri Orta stepped up to say she will work on obedience for the club. Rusty says Karen with Puyallup will be happy to mentor her.

There was no treasurer report as Patty wasn’t present and Susan doesn’t have the club books yet.

Secretary report:

No reading of the last minutes they were included in the Barker and will be read at the March meeting. Laura asked about updating the club roster and was told we are still waiting for the Treasurer’s report on who has paid dues for the year 2014. When this information is made available the roster will be updated.

There was a January cluster meeting

There was a Specialty Club Meeting for the August 29th Show.

March 19th will be the club awards Meeting all awards & photos need to be in to Rusty on or before March 8th.

New Business:

Laura explained that three judges that were late to the Monday SKC show were late due to missing the shuttle that had been ordered for them. The judges (Dee and Derek Hyde & Seamus Oates) had said there was no room in the shuttle. However, according to two judges who did arrive in the appropriate van, explained that the others were not at the van at the scheduled time, could not be found and there were 5 open seats. Judges Dee and Derek Hyde & Seamus Oates missed the shuttle arriving 45 minutes late to their rings.

Laura suggested sending a letter to AKC recommending these judges be reprimanded due to their efforts to blame the hotel as well as others for their being late.

A suggestion was made that the letter could be sent to the other cluster clubs so we would have a record and reference should a club in the cluster want to hire them again.

Laura agreed to write such a letter and forward it to Rusty and the board for consideration.

A vote was taken and passed to send such a letter.

Susan gave the January Show Chair report. There was discussion on what to offer judges. The going rate appears to be $4 per dog for provisional judges.
Laura and Susan will supply the club with a list of judges at the March meeting.

Club meetings will be the 2nd Wednesday every month with the exceptions of :
March awards meeting
July is the club Picnic
August is the Summer Show
December will be the winter holiday party

Geri moved to adjourn the meeting it was seconded

The meeting was adjourned.
Laura Young, Secretary

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