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March 2015 Barker


Regular February Meeting called to order by President Kingery at 7:35PM

From the Board meeting, Officers and Board Members. Rusty Kingery, Bo Gloster, Jan Leikam, Geri Orta, Nancy Warfield, Jackie Blumenstetter, and Sandee Isaacson

Members Madeline Boucher and Roy Teller joined the meeting.

Medallion discussion continued. Madeline has volunteered to do some designs on glass for them and bring to the March awards banquet for the Club to see. Jan has noted that if we go with this plan, we could tailor each show’s Medallions to the theme of that show.

January 2015 show report – no report

August show

Madeline has contacted the Snohomish County Search & Rescue organization to provide our set up labor, parking personnel , security and EMT services for the duration of the show. Thursday Aug 20 thru tear down on Sunday Aug 23. They also can provide food for our exhibitors.

Madeline has researched renting generators for the August show. Vendors and exhibitors and overnight RV’s could use this for a fee. Reserved grooming was discussed along with their access to power from a generator.

March Awards Banquet

This will be Wednesday March 4, 6PM. Location to be determined, Nancy Warfield and Sandee Isaacson have volunteered to explore options in Lynnwood and will get back to Rusty with a location prior to Feb 20th. So check your emailed meeting noticed for place. If you have awards for new champions or significant events in your ‘doggy’ world, please get that info to Rusty ASAP so that she can prepare the certificates. We will not have access to our usual Powerpoint presentation so those of you receiving awards should bring a photo of your dog to the banquet so we can put them on display

Meeting adjourned at 8:20PM

Respectfully submitted by Jan Leikam.

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