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March 2017 Barker


We are going very inexpensive this time and holding our Awards program at the Fire Station #26. March 7th, which is a TUESDAY evening. There will be things to eat so save room. Sandee is picking up some Sub sandwiches and potato salad., and chips etc. We will do the awards, there are only 3 this year and eat, then hold an update meeting. We have lots to consider. I will bring the letter from Steve, the President of Whidbey, and my answer to him for you all to read.

As I sent out to all of you the wording and reason for the new proposal for Guest Clubs requests to Territory Host Clubs, which gets voted on at the March Delegates Meeting, you are up to date on that, till the vote .

Hope to see as many of you as can possibly get to the meeting, as it will be an important one for us as a Club.

Hope you all got around in the snow. Snow is not one of my favorite things. The mountain I live on tends to get plenty and the hills are not fun. I live 800 feet down from the road and the 1st 200 ft down is steep. So I just spend the time at the house.

Not much to say this time. Except Congratulations to those 3 of you who put titles on your dogs this year.

No minutes this issue as we had no meeting last month. But I do have some information from AKC that is of interest I will copy and paste inside . Ugh it wouldn’t copy and paste correctly so I retyped it. Hope I got all the typo’s taken care of. If not if not please excuse.


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