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May 2004 Barker

Members in attendance: Dee Carlson, Rusty Kingery, Ken Carlson, Reggie Gausman, Sandee Isaacson, Bo Gloster, and Muriel Clifford.

  Special Guests: Marilyn Evans and Milo

Meeting called to order at 7:30PM.

Minutes of the previous meeting were approved as published in the Barker.

Bo moved that the revised Standing Rules be approved, seconded by Reggie. The revised Standing Rules were unanimously approved.

Ken made a motion for the AKC Delegate to approved as a Club Officer. Reggie seconded. After discussion, tabled until the next meeting. Dee Carlson will check the constitution for possible conflict.

Pat Wilaby received a certificate for Am/Can Ch. GDR Pawmark’s Dream Catcher.

Discussion about 10 May 2004 mock Dog Show at Kellogg Middle School. More information needed and neither Vandra Huber nor Nancy Warfield was present. Dee will follow up with Nancy and Vandra and notify membership.

Discussion of publicity for August Show. Reggie (Publicity Chair) created an “Event Listing” for the Seattle Times, Was not approved by Board due to shortness of time. If this happens again, Board can be contacted via email for approval. Reggie will also contact TV stations and WSOTC to see if the show can be listed with them.

Incoming Correspondence: AKC Yearly Report, and AKC Member Club Benefits (from AKC). Can we publish Member Club Benefits in Barker?

No treasurer’s report .

Committee Reports:

August Show 2004 -Bo:

We do not have a contract from Marymoor Park (King County) for the August show yet. We are working on it.

Had a meeting 14 April with Bob Young, Director of the Lake Washington Youth Soccer Association about leasing part of the Muller Farm property (corner of Willows Road and 124th Street in Redmond) for our August show in 2005. Access to the fields is difficult, to say the least, at the moment. Bob Young said that it cold be improved for our show. Bob Young will discuss our proposal with the LWYSA board and get back to us as soon as possible. Sounded hopeful.

PVDF will host Agility with our August 2004 show. Sammamish Kennel Club will pay the AKC late application fee.

Bo suggested checking with AKC to see if they will approve a Sammamish Kennel Club show outside of our area. He suggested that a note be placed in the Premium Listing stating that the August show grounds have been improved since last year. Lastly, Bo asked that all committee chairs for the August 2004 show please update him on their progress. He is getting information together for the August Premium List.

August 2004 show activities: Friday evening Poodle club is sponsoring a match, Saturday there will be Working Group only conformation match and also WIOC tryout match. Need to get him a list of Special Events for Sunday.

Pat Wilaby: Trophies have been purchased for the August 2004 show. Specialty Club Questionnaires are coming in.

Meeting adjourned at 8:30PM for program with Marilyn Evans and Milo.

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