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May 2008 Barker


19 April 2008

Another Pretty Face?

Faces are very important to us. Watch the television any day and you will see many products geared toward maintaining your face, or improving upon the face that is aging and starting to show signs of wrinkles. There are faces that only a mother could love. There are faces that are seemingly loved by all, as can be at-tested to by the money that we pay to watch those faces in movies. I sometimes wonder how the public sees our, Sammamish Kennel Club, face.

The public sees us scurry around a large field every August transforming it from an empty space into a Dog Show in just a few short hours. They see us move ele-gantly groomed dogs around a ring, hoping the judge will pick our dog not only for Best of Breed, but also for Best in Show. Or they see us performing an intricate dance over the obstacles in the Agility ring, trying to run clean and slice seconds off the clock. The public seems to be astonished by the long row of dogs in the Obedience ring that lie there with no owners in sight for many long minutes. I think the face that most of the public does not see is the one that is most im-portant to us, Sammamish Kennel Club.

Early each year, a small group of Club members is appointed to determine how to spend several thousand dollars that we earned as a result of the long hours that we put into creating and presenting two annual dog shows. This money is given freely to non-profit organizations such as Seattle Purebred Dog Rescue, AKC Canine Health Foundation, Washington State University Veterinary Schol-arship program, Katrina Dog Rescue, California Fire Relief, Judge’s Education Association of Washington, and Delta Society, to name only a few. Our combined donation for 2006 and 2007 was over $8,400.00. Our donation for 2007 will be approximately $3,500. We, Sammamish Kennel Club, have donated nearly $12,000.00 in just the last three years to organizations that wisely in-vest that money to help others. It would be interesting to know the true return on our benevolence dollars. I doubt that the “public” that received and benefited from these dollars thinks of us, Sammamish Kennel Club, as just another pretty face. And those faces are very important to us, Sammamish Kennel Club.

Dee Carlson
President – Sammamish Kennel Club

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