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AKC Rule Change

May 2008 Barker


Subject: AKC Chapter 11 Modification Approved April 8th Rules Applying to Dog Shows - Chapter 11, Section 8

Robin Stansell and Bobby Birdsong, AKC Staff, participated in this portion of the meeting. Following a mo-tion by Dr. Garvin, seconded by Mrs. Schaefer, the Board VOTED (unanimously; absent: Dr. Battaglia and Mr. Goodman) to revise its poli-cies on "Change in appearance by artificial means" to include the use of substances or drugs.

The revised policy is as follows: When the judge of a sweepstakes or futurity finds that a dog is ineligible to compete under this section, the dog should be excused. A dog may only be disqualified in a sweepstakes or futurity under the provisions of Chapter 11, Section 8-A.

A dog is considered changed in appearance by artificial means if it has been subjected to any type of proce-dure, substance or drugs that have the effect of obscuring, disguising or eliminating any congenital or hereditary abnormality or any undesirable characteristic, or that does anything to improve a dog's natural appearance, temperament, bite or gait.

Even procedures, substances and drugs which are absolutely necessary to the health and comfort of a dog shall disqualify that dog from competition if the former had the incidental effect of changing or even improving the dog's appearance, temperament, bite or gait.

There may be cases in which a veterinarian has prescribed some drug as being necessary for the health of a dog. In such cases, the veterinarian's advice should be followed, but the dog should be withheld from com-petition in dog shows or obedience trials until all possible effects of the drug have worn off.

Procedures that would in and of themselves be considered a change in appearance by artificial means and make a dog ineligible for shows include, but are not limited to:

  1. The correction of entropion, ectropian, trichiasis or distichiasis.
  2. Trimming, removing or tattooing of the third eyelid (nicitating membrane)
  3. The insertion of an eye prosthesis
  4. Correction of harelip, cleft palate, stenotic nares, or an elongated soft palate resection
  5. Any procedure to change ear set or carriage other than permitted by the breed standard
  6. Restorative dental procedures, the use of bands or braces on teeth, or any alteration of the dental arcade
  7. The removal of excess skin folds or the removal of skin patches to alter markings.
  8. Correction of inguinal, scrotal or perineal hernias
  9. Surgery for hip dysplasia, O.C.D., patellar luxation and femoral head restriction
  10. Alteration of the location of the testes or the insertion of an artificial testicle
  11. Altering the set or carriage of the tail
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