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May 2009 Barker


The Meeting was called to order by President Beverly Little at 7:30 PM.
Members in attendance: Beverly Little, Jan Leikam, Patty Anderson, Geri Orta, Bo Gloster, Dave Kingery, Rusty Kingery, Nolan Rundquist, Cliff Hewitt, Michele and Randy Brown, Barbara O’Neill.

The Minutes were approved as printed in the Barker .

The Treasurer reported on the estimated profit at this point, from the Jan Show, and the large loss to cover the NSF checks that we had to cover due to the Roger’s [supt] Bank problem.

Bo reported that things were in good shape for the August Show. Cliff as Grounds Chr. Is looking for people to help set up and tear down. Lynwood High Band was used last year and should be hired for this year. This for Thursday setup and Sunday teardown. Randy Brown, and Nolan Rundquist were also solicited to be on this committee. Dave will help by running Grounds patrol during the Show.

Program Committee Chair Barbara O’Neill would like people to submit ideas for programs. It was also mentioned that now that it is light later, that we could use the parking lot if we do a Breed Education Program.
Corrections were made to the address list. A revised roster will be sent out for last minute corrections.

B Match Report, Jan has Flyers out. Nancy Warfield will be doing Terriers, Trish Wiseman , Sporting. Verlynn Johns is in charge of CGC. Laura Young is presenting a Lure Trial Demo. The Match Date is Saturday, June 20th, at Soccer field 7 & 8 Marymoor Park in conjunction with the WWHA Match. Anyone wanting a Flyer, contact Jan. Sandee is taking any pre entries.

Randy Brown and Nolan and Melissa Rundquist were voted into membership of the Club. Welcome to the Group.

The meeting was interrupted by daughter, Barbara Underwood and her daughter Kyle, who with co-conspirators Jan ,Beverly, and David surprised Rusty with a Birthday Cake, ice cream and Balloons. We adjourned at 8:05 PM, with the Happy Birthday song and all got some cake and ice cream. REALLY GOOD CAKE yum! Thank you all.


Rusty Kingery for Secretary Verlynn Johns

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